Simone Lalli – Larva [Ammiratore Omonimo Records]

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After recording under the name Autobam, Simone Lalli is definitively dropping his moniker and starting to release his music simply under his birth name. This new phase saw the production of Marefermo in March 2020, a 4-track digital-only EP that captures and reshapes many of the tropes of the vast electronic music landscape; in particular crossing borders between industrial, glitch, IDM and neoclassical genres.

Now he is releasing another new work, Muta/Larva, a 2-track digital-only EP, which consolidates and extends the path he already embarked on with Marefermo. Muta/Larva also functions as a sneak peek of Simone’s musical direction for a full-length upcoming album.

This EP is self-released on Simone’s bandcamp page, in cooperation with Ammiratore Omonimo Records, the unconventional music label from the band vonneumann. This collaboration consolidates a partnership that will come to life with the release of the full album.

Muta/Larva is divided in 2 tracks. Muta is the closure of Marefermo. It solidifies and seals that group of tracks unquestionably. The title is in itself a declaration: “muta” in Italian means transition, a metamorphosis. It’s the shedding of your skin. But the term also means “diving suit” – a sort of second skin you use to dive in deep waters. Like for example the waters of a motionless sea, those of Marefermo (“mare” in Italian means sea, “fermo” still). Muta is the end of something, but also a new beginning.

Larva translates exactly in English: it’s the first phase of a metamorphosis which will bring something completely different to life, something beautiful. Right now we can’t predict, but the track is dragging us in a more confused zone, where sounds are hard to pin-point and they overlap constantly in a digital swamp. The listener is amazed and confused. Ancient Romans used the term “larvæ” to indicate malicious spirits – possibly another hint on what Simone has up for the future.

Release date: March 4th, 2021.


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