Premiere: Arabian Panther – Sword Of The Unrestricted [Soil Records]

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The massification in the music industry prevents decent projects with great work behind them from standing out. The current offer is excessive and forces any record company to show itself publicly with vast promotions in order to somehow survive or make itself known. This overexposure often has negative effects if it is not perfectly structured.

The best formula to achieve visibility and good feedback is an environment at work that meets absolutely all possible requirements to present an attractive and different from the usual catalogue. The image, style, launch frequency, format and roster must be perfectly coordinated in order to seduce the public and show great professional rigor.

Examples of discreet labels (always ignoring the giant companies) that have managed to concentrate all these qualities are some, but currently a model of study are the two years of Soil Records. The label has matured quickly, with an enviable state of form, with an intact ethical code in terms of visual design, musical aesthetics and physical support and, with a greater international projection thanks to the care of all these details and to following a constant line of action.

Soil Records is celebrating its second anniversary with many acts truncated due to the health crisis but, the label was built a few years ago with a beta phase that perfectly details the foundation of the project and the readjustment of SOJ. We can understand that it is currently Soil Records exploring the steps of SOJ, the alma mater of this platform, conceived at first to house only its music.

For four years the label operated as a testing ground, as a double embryonic process that transformed both its tenant and its environment. The development was equitable, SOJ’s first releases clearly showed that at first the artist’s intention was to work with techno, but soon he began to move to a more industrial context and the label’s response had to be proportionate with his new line, which is none other than to adapt exclusively to the musical tastes of his manager. Soil Records is precisely that, a symptom of the artistic concerns of its owner, of his sound favouritism and of his evolution, either as a producer or as a mere listener and fan.

Soil Records as such was established in May 2018 with the publication of Oublie. This Group’s album was the first release by an artist or project outside the platform and was also the first reference published on physical support, this time on cassette, in the label’s most standardized format, which it combines in a more punctual way with vinyl. Nevertheless, there are already seven deliveries published in plastic format, but magnetic tape remains its great bet with nearly 30 editions.

The first steps as an officially established label detail many qualities of this label such as having a good eye for new blood. Group was the one that inaugurated the series of cassettes, a project that at that time did not have the credibility and the name that they have today, later on it was other artists that took their place in the label and of which we knew little. This aptitude is only due to SOJ’s confidence in his own musical criteria.

We have witnessed the life cycle of Soil Records and perhaps we have become accustomed to not observing its evolution more closely. Now, it is the most normal thing in the world for us to see his catalogue increasing every week and to see big names appearing in his references, but behind all this there is a hard and very well structured work. Without any doubt Soil Records is currently one of the best examples to understand the current industrial scene.

To celebrate these two official years of activity, Soil publishes a special edition with a personalized box in which we can find merchandising from the label and an album of various artists in cassette format with tracks from Aditya Permana, Arabian Panther, Ed Dix, Midnight Passage, Rambal Cochet, Rise Black, Sigmoid, Vltra Delta Drive and WLDV.

Release date: June 10th, 2020.


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