Virtual Reality – Vera

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The severe restrictions of 2020 have sparked creativity in many artists. Isolation is often a producer’s main motivation, as the lack of free time is always a major drawback, so last spring’s confinement was a blessing for all those talents who made the most of it. Many of them were reconciled with the planet or with the hardest hit population, and many others suffered the loss of someone close to them and felt the need to pay a small tribute in the form of music.

The latter was the reason why the enigmatic Italian artist Virtual Reality used all this time of reclusion to deepen his project. One year later he is releasing the result of his experience with 2 albums, the first one is Galaxy Zoo, which came out in February, and the second one is Hidden Galaxy, which is available today. Both albums show a very personal and intimate work.

Vera opens the 9-track with a celestial setting in which the chords reveal the beauty of a reflective temperament. Sagittarius thrives on abstract melodic and rhythmic conjugations. With Tucania, Virtual Reality shows an order in which the tempo is perfectly distinguishable although its percussive elements try to make the opposite happen. FollowMe demonstrates the author’s heterogeneity to create sufficiently diverse tracks, as in this case he presents a great ability to transform chaos into a fascinating piece of music. NCG 147 combines IDM metrics with various melodic sources. Escape is an experimental tale of technological sound. Brevitla comes close to industrial with its syncopated kick drum, but this is the only attribute of this genre, as the rhythm and other textures take on a more advanced electronic character. Milky Way emerges from the underworld with a gloomy landscape. Silentspace closes the album with a confused sonic expression, with an indecisive rhythm accompanying haunting chords.

Release date: May 7th, 2021.


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