Santiago López – Metatron II [Faith Disciplines]

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Faith Disciplines, after 6 years of activity and operating under anonymity, announced a few days ago its new destination. A few days ago Faith Disciplines officially became part of Subsist Records as a sub-label.

In Subsist’s catalogue we can distinguish several musical genres, but techno is undoubtedly the style that best represents it. Faith Disciplines, on the other hand, focuses on experimental sound territories, with a lot of Lo-Fi influence and their degraded, usually handcrafted sound.

In the early hours of last year Faith Disciplines released Metatron, Santiago López’s debut on the label. The Valencian producer faithfully represents the label’s ideals, his modus operandi is rudimentary, with many of the tools built with his own hands and with a sound based on harmonic distortion.

Santiago returns to Faith Disciplines with a second part of Metatron in which he again exhibits a diverse and voluminous work, this time with 15 tracks that show different sonic expressions, from industrial rhythms to binary cadences or devoid of any rhythmic element, as well as twisted textures, analogue or noise.

Release date: September 17th, 2021.


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