Simona Zamboli – Hyber Nation [Silent Method Records]

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Simona Zamboli is a self-taught artist and broadcast audio engineer from Milan, with a style based on sound research. Her musical production presents interrupted rhythms and disturbing and melancholic IDM melodies, simulating the plots of a nightmare.

Simona Zamboli published Hyper Nation last June on the American label Silent Method Records. Hyber Nation is a piece of machine-made frenzy that’s the perfect embodiment of a subtle, inner-body workout. It’s not danceable, it’s not cerebral, it’s something of its own and I would tell friends of the language to dry it out, but very carefully, because the very personal and special style may repel them. It’s an intricate tangle that cannot easily be untangled.

Here the only simple thing is that this is an electronic music album for clubs, not for those frequented by humans. The album is indecipherable from the start, just take a look at the titles.

4v01d 0n3 N1n3. lasting about 12 minutes is a non-danceable ballad of white noise and digital arpeggios, R3l04D is a rollercoaster ride of dirty, interrupted and vigorous drums that take us into galaxies. Cry Generation (feat. Transgresorcorruptor), is a hymn to the generation of sad kids, the misunderstood ones, those who do not know how to do anything but take refuge in closed and primordial, artificial worlds.

The accomplice is an uncertain future, the questioning of values and of their abilities, which cannot be used or tested by the cruel world of adults. The key to recognize this generation is the emotional microchip that distinguishes human (emotional) intelligence from artificial (machine) intelligence. And it is on the piano keys of Hyper Nation that the most emotional, centipede-like energies of this entire album are released. The piano towers over glacial and hybrid sounds that persist, but are now thawed by the warm contact with the keys. After the hibernation of emotions, we are ready to experience a new era.

Release date: June 5th, 2020.


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