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Soil Records presents an intense activity in October, its catalog increases exponentially these weeks with four new releases.

‘Seething Rage’ heads this series of publications, French artist Coutoux‘s work, although raised in the United States, with a past linked to a punk scene that has had much to do with its hard, dark and industrial sound. This seventeenth reference from Soil Records stages different structures within the same environment. Tension, tyrannical manifestations and other signs of disorder are matters perfectly described in its five tracks.

‘Dermatographic Urticaria’ is the eighteenth reference of the label. Alpha & Necromante impose on this EP a state of confusion based on excesses and highly toxic and degraded textures. The state of mind that best describes these four clues is rabies.

‘Mantra De La Tierra Plastificada’ is an EP with three cuts of elaborate electronics, dirty sound and broken rhythms, in which Spanish producer Lex-Or manages to create a structured disorder with consistent elements, a bewildering metric and extreme sound treatment.

‘With ‘Hyperfist’, Soil Records reaches two dozen references with an EP signed by the label’s head. Four tracks with a character and an expression easily linked to SOJ. The first is ‘Hyperfist’, a track that gives its name to the reference and reminds us of the metric system of Kill A Bill, with a constant tempo but with percussive elements placed outside the original metric that give us a slightly inaccurate perception of the cadence. Techno taken to the limit that anticipates the extreme condition of the rest of the EP and its great industrial influence. ‘Lugar Azul’ is a brief fragment with which SOJ ditches A-side, an interlude without the presence of rhythmic elements that provokes nervousness and tension.  

‘Rash’ opens B-side with a dictatorial force, with an oppressive energy that is born from the forcefulness of his syncopated punch and that becomes even harder with the rest of crackles and electrified resonances. ‘Parda’ decreases in intensity but not in crudity. This last track follows a firmer and more stable line, its kick is less compact and timidly integrates with the snares, the arpeggiated bass, the threatening vowels and the rest of details.

Coutoux – Seething Rage (SOTA017) Release date: October 10th, 2019.

Alpha & Necromante – Dermatographic Urticaria (SOTA018) Release date: October 17th, 2019.

Lex-Or – Mantra de la Tierra Plastificada (SOTA019) Release date: October 24th, 2019.

SOJ – Hyperfist (SOTA020) Release date: October 31th, 2019.


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