Spammerheads – Dear Hangover [Soil Records]

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A few weeks ago we talked about the anniversary of Soil Records and the upcoming release by the Valencian duo Spammerheads. A week away from its launch, we take back the words we wrote about Tar Blood / Cement Skin to remember this EP with the premiere of Dear Hangover, the fifth and last track of this release.

Spammerheads, formed by Ana and David, have been active since 2019, and in just 3 years their sound evolution has gone through different states and processes, always influenced by personal experiences and social context, until reaching the sound of the recent album. A rough and harsh sound that stages all their previous musical influences until reaching the current style.

Tar Blood / Cement Skin opens with The Big Machine Never Wrecks, a track commanded by a suggestive and hypnotic rhythmic sequence that is perfectly complemented by the heart-rending vocals. With Until the Damage’s Done the album rises in intensity, as the cadence is faster, the synthesised elements are more prominent and the vocals remain on the same plane in terms of dynamism. Driving Nowhere closes side A with the power materialised from vocals to the rest of the elements, with a powerful bass line and a sonic environment full of details. Noire de Blanc examines a different musical point of view to the rest of the tracks, as firstly they refuse to include vocals, their rhythmic structure is a combination of binary and syncopated rhythm, and their sound and harmonic conjugation is lysergic. Dear Hangover closes the release in a forceful and explosive way and with a voiceover that mixes subversion and ritualism.

Release date: September 15th, 2022.


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