Sturm Café – Die Schreckensinsel

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Sturm Café is 20 years old, this Swedish band started this project in 2001 with a line based on a much more rebellious and hard EBM than their current style, which has taken an important turn in the last few months. In any case, their releases have always been quite unpredictable, within how consistent and merciless some tracks may sound, their versatility has provided them with a wide musical spectrum and an excellent taste for combining different sound registers.

Fernes Land is a very different album to their previous works, this time EBM is still present but it has nothing to do with the punk influences of yesteryear, now their music could be described as more melodic music, created with synthesizers and with a clear EBM background, perhaps more typical of genres like minimal wave but, as we have stated before, their best asset is that a first listen to an album by this band is never without surprises.

As for the recording process, as can be appreciated in their 80s sound, Sturm Café has used a series of discontinued equipment in order to achieve a special sound that avoids current sound treatments. This equipment consisted of Atari computers from the 80s for sequencing, old FM and analogue synthesizers, obsolete Akai samplers, analogue mixing boards and tapes.

Release date: February 24th, 2021.


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