Vakat – Scream [Subsist Records]

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Subsist Records returns to the CD format with a solo album by Vakat, Dah is an album in which the Montenegrin producer exhibits great potential in his desire to show the great diversity that a genre like techno can offer, with a multitude of influences ranging from harder and darker trends like the industrial one, to more atmospheric and acid cuts.

Bridge Of Lies is the first track of eleven, redundant hypnotism with elements to 4×4 combined with triplets. Prisma is the next track, this time the formula is quite similar to the first track in terms of the seduction that the repetition of the pad exerts, but what stands out is the magnetism of its elaborate rhythm. Scream already breaks the aesthetics of the first two tracks with an industrial syncopated structure and several degraded pads and rhythmically activated with sidechains. With Rajd the intensity rises, hard and direct techno from the first hit, with various components that are incorporated and disappear momentarily. Pohlepa is reaffirmed in intensity but returns to the hypnotic formula caused by the prolongation of a looped sonar. Rapid Action focuses more on a bass-frequency-subdued atmosphere with a mixture of textures that provide a dark environment. With Dah, the track of the same name, Vakat returns to a syncopated rhythm, but this time the bass drum is the dominant one, the rest of the elements are perfect companions. With Scratch, the Montenegrin artist gives continuity to the rhythm of the previous track and also adds some somewhat dissonant chords. XIS is different from the rest, here the industrial line prevails but the feeling it offers is that of an anarchic tempo. With Escape, Vakat gives its acidic perspective of techno. Solaris is the eleventh and final track on the album, leathery and volatile techno to close the release.

Listen to Scream’s premiere, Dah’s third track.

Release date: February 25th, 2020.


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