ABISMØ – Opúsculos Morales Del Siglo XXI [With Ectoplasms]

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Davide Pappalardo is an artist with a strong dedication to dark electronic music. His interests are based on styles derived from post-punk such as industrial, EBM, dark ambient, power electronics or noise, and from various projects such as Førgotten, Moral Excerpt and more recently ABISMØ. In addition, his musical facet extends to other fields such as journalism, in fact, he is part of the Industrial Complexs team and brings a very unique and enriching point of view of the dark scene. So, taking advantage of this article, we would like to thank him for his great work as an informative disseminator, as it dignifies this work, and also for contributing to the artistic promotion of this music scene. 

Førgotten and Moral Excerpt are two projects he shares with other producers such as Francesco Presotto (Søulless), one of his great allies. As for ABISMØ, it is a solo trip that he has just released and that leaves us with magnificent sensations.

Opusculos Morales Del Siglo XXI is his debut as ABISMØ, a 6-tracker with a multitude of influences and a heterogeneous sound. Sansho Shima evolves from a kind of dance or tribal ritual that embodies the deity and the spirit of superhuman effort to overcome the difficulties that life offers you, in fact, it is a Buddhist term that requires perseverance and courage to act properly. The percussive sound of the first bars manages to get you into this environment of introspection and reflection, however, in its development, different rhythmic elements are incorporated with forcefulness and a reverse voice that emerges from beyond the grave. Saisons is a cut with an original and unpredictable progression, as the first beats are disconcerting as to what is going to happen seconds later, and just the simple fact of unexpectedly combining rhythmic patterns against time surprises anyone, but even more so when the same thing happens in the arpeggiated structure of the piano and in the rest of the harmonic components. With Identidad En La Fábrica De La Muerte Davide changes the scenario, this time there is a balance between rhythm and the rest of the sonic elements, however, on this occasion we must highlight the overall result, the singular conjugation of textures and the creative capacity to form a single body.

Аніта explores with a thick atmosphere the adversities of life in the depths, the primitive and subhuman conditions involved in surviving in some parts of the universe where the few molecules that subsist do so in extreme reclusion and isolation, as well as the minds of many individuals who only take refuge in affliction and desolation. Dead Poetry has much in common with Saisons, the two tracks have a similar intro and metrical patterns that vary through syncopations, however, this fifth cut yields to the harmonic conjugation of a long chord. Lavoral closes the album with a break that subdues the rest of the sonic ingredients, and this track doesn’t need much more, as the spatiality and the treatment with reverbs that it applies make it sound complete.

Besides being one of the most interesting works of this 2021, Opusculos Morales Del Siglo XXI is published by With Ectoplasms and can be purchased for free from the label’s bandcamp page.

Release date: July 3rd, 2021.


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