Death Whistle – Last Chance [Hedonic Reversal]

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Hedonic Reversal introduces us to an author with an award-winning musical career in a different field to the electronic music scene. Víctor García is a Spanish producer with a successful career focused on the composition of soundtracks for videogames and also of celebrated film works, awarded with two Goyas and many other awards.

Victor premieres his solo project Death Whistle. With this alias transfers the powerful and cinematic aura of his works to the stage through soundscapes, noise and piercing melodies that envelop the viewer in a disarming, immersive, fugitive and irresolvable experience between the oneiric and the mundane. This trajectory has its most recent chapter with the release of his first album “Alter” on the Hedonic Reversal label.

Alter is a journey, an alteration of time that transits through spaces that sometimes are luminous, full of air and spirituality and sometimes are dark, broken and disturbing. Textures that can be touched, melodies that float and rhythms that trap you to an altered reality in which everything is possible.

These kinds of appearances show that experimental electronic music is much more present than we think and that it can be consumed and accepted by a vast audience, even if they are not aware of it. This genre of music is constantly appearing in films and video games, the problem is that the public is not open-minded enough to conceive of this music off-screen. 

Release date: June 2nd, 2022.


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