Donor – Apollo (Squaric 5AM Remix) [Diffuse Reality]

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We always remember Diffuse Reality as a dynamic recording project, and since its first releases, it has always shown itself to be a very active label, very committed to the music scene they champion, and although it covers different musical genres derived especially from extreme sound treatments, it has always maintained a style that identifies them. We must bear in mind that this project was founded on corrosive and industrial techno, however, its development during these seven years of life has advanced in different directions, adding new proposals such as Teorema or Periphylla.

Diffuse Reality returns to its origins with a release that honours its principles, ideals based on cooperation with big names and an attractive format. New York’s Donor contributes four original tracks that are gutted and reworked by Alien Rain, Zadig, Squaric, Pfirter and Shao, plus a bonus track from Japan’s Yuuki Sakai. In total the album is made up of 16 tracks and will be released on vinyl, cd and in digital format.

Release date: April 1st, 2022.


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