Dragon & Jettenbach – Tales from the Algorithm

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Dragon & Jettenbach is the duo formed by Peter Adjobia and Paul Jetten. These two British artists have known each other for years, are friends and have very similar musical tastes. However, until very recently they had never worked together, although they had both released solo albums or even in other projects, as in the case of Peter, who released an album in 1993 under his alias Grid Lock.

This new duo started a few months ago with the release of Roche Limit, an EP signed to the American label Inner Demons. In this work we can already observe the influence of this pair on noise, drones and dense textures. However, their new album, Tales from the Algorithm, is not only limited to a lush sound, with long atmospheric landscapes, this nine-track is much more diverse and rich in nuances, with spaces in which rhythmic structures are magnified or harmonic components are also added to give it a certain degree of musicality.

Tales from the Algorithm is above all an album that demonstrates the background and skill of these two artists to create complex sonic environments, in which degraded layers merge with rhythms, polyrhythms, melodic combinations and a multitude of electronic details. A highly recommendable work, both for fans of raw ambient and for all those who enjoy advanced electronic music.

Release date: January 8th, 2022.


Premiere: Leroy se Meurt – Angles Morts / Abraxas – Your Miserable Fake Flag Is Not Your True Homeland [Soil Records]

Peter Kirn – 4Q246


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