Open Mirror – Contact Void [Lightarmour Editions]

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Independent label Lightarmour Editions presents Contact Void, the debut EP from Australian artist Open Mirror, a Perth-based Ambient/Electronica composer whose work sounds like great 70s space music through the filter of contemporary sensibilities. In the rich synth work and layered melodies of his debut we also find something of the distinctive 2000s sound of France’s Ultimae Records (particularly Solar Fields and Carbon Based Lifeforms), as well as Tangerine Dream, Michael Stearns, John Carpenter’s soundtrack work, and something of the Skinny Puppy / Download edge.

But these are just general reference points; Open Mirror has its own penchant for epic soundscapes, eerie narrative textures, and an X-Files sound mystery centred on radio communications with the afterlife; no, actually, some of the embedded dialogue is taken from the so-called “spirit box” sessions, and listening to the interplay between the spirit box operator and the “answers” makes for some unexpectedly powerful moments.

Release date: September 14th, 2022.


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