SOJ – Kull, Feck, Due (Crystal Geometry Remix) [Soil Records]

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With Body Shaper, SOJ subtly showed us the degree of diversity that can reach an album with a specific genre and the evolution, both personal and general, that can manifest an artist or a style. Technology advances, and therefore, music must also advance with expressly methodical sound treatments for each work, just as it allows the incorporation of other elements that until now had been absent. But this release in particular, what corroborates is the progress and a large number of expressions that can have the same author respecting their artistic margins.

Body Shaper is divided into 11 cuts and four of them are reborn with different reinterpretations by four heavyweights from the European industrial scene, such as Samuel Kerridge, Years of Denial, Crystal Geometry and Orphan Swords.

Golden Seals opens the A-side of the album with a version by Samuel Kerridge in which it emerges from the underworld and the depth in which the original track immerses you, giving more intensity to an anarchic rhythmic part and attenuating the feeling of anxiety caused by the low frequencies of the original cut.

Years of Denial close the A-side with a Bobtail remix that marks the style of this couple formed by Jerome Tcherneyan and Barkosina Hanusova. The disturbing harmonic motifs and the syncopated metric change to a more favourable terrain for this duo dominated by the power and energy of its imposing bass lines.

The B-side opens with a more forceful version of Kull, Feck, Due. In this occasion, Crystal Geometry transfers all the concentrated force in the lower part of the tonal field at a strong rhythm that imposes its kick with the marked bass, with a more noticeable presence of the vowels and also, with the increase in speed over the original SOJ track.

The album closes with a second cut on the B side remixed by Orphan Swords. Im Not You changes the original pumping groove for a more direct and psychotic version in which the movement is intensified with an exaggerated, but very successful sidechain that agitates the whole tangle of textures.

Release date: December 18th, 2019.


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