Atom™, the nonconformist virtuoso is a book that explores the artistic evolution of one of the most multifaceted and versatile producers on the international electronic music scene. It offers an insight into the progression and different musical paths that this German artist has taken since the mid-80s to the present day.

The book is based upon Uwe Schmidt’s memoirs, derived from hours of interviews between the artist and the author. There are also a number of testimonies, some of them from people who were close to Uwe Schmidt or his projects, as well as from other collaborators who have a deep respect and knowledge of his work and have had the pleasure of being a part of it.

Every story and every detail in this account is supported by Uwe Schmidt himself.

Text: Ximo Noguera
Artcover: Mimusa
Graphic design: Iván Galíndez
English translation: Alicia Carratalá
Contributors: Dieter Mauson, Opéra Multi Steel, Tobias Freund, Frank Bretschneider, Saverio Evangelista, Mauri, Ruth G. Núñez and Angel Molina.


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