There are many artists and bands that musically define themselves with just one word, but there are other projects like L/F/D/M that make versatility their main creative tool.

Margins of Reality is an album that reaffirms the ability of this British producer to integrate himself into different sound universes. This twelve-track album mixes countless styles and methodologies, and also represents his creative diversity quite accurately, as we can find influences ranging from experimental electronic music to other musical concepts such as industrial or electro.

released March 25, 2024

Artcover: Mimusa


1. 2nd salv
2. 54 GER
3. C-dit
4. Deb, 22
5. Honey Orange
6. Hot (clean mix)
7. Ice Ballet
8. Moth Dance
9. Oval Grip
10. Robbing Cars
11. Snowy Sun
12. Usurper



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