Heretic – The Beauty of the Abyss (FAITH032)


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The beauty of the abyss is an exploration of the relationship between religious ecstacy via ritual and the hypnotic euphoric experience of dance music.

An attempt to combine and create the hypnotic states of religious processes such as prayer ritual or meditation with the mantric hypnosis of tribal dance music.

Part of the process was trying to make modern electronic instrumentation sound somehow ancient, which has become the drive of the Heretic project. A desire to make cutting edge ancient ritual dance music.

This EP is the most successful results of this experiment.

The relationship between religious ecstasy and dance music achieves a magnificent point of union in this work. It is not for less, that is part of the objective of the same one. Between the old and the new, a synthesis of both elements emerges in a unique way. We could even say that it is the perfect synthesis between the new and the old in the present.


Released December 3, 2022.


1. Deathly Cold Echo
2. The Sword of God
3. Bleeding Trees
4. Pieces of Broken Ideology




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