Ivax Soyaf – Electronicam 96​​​/​​​97 (IC029)



The most active period in Xavi Fayos‘ trajectory dates back to the second half of the 90s due to his early interest in risky and experimental trends that emerged outside Spain’s east coast. Keeping up with this vast and seemingly unattainable world of sounds was a challenging task, but his enthusiasm for anything that sounded different propelled him forward. It was common to see him delve into a different style with each performance, ranging from trip-hop to IDM, hard techno, house, electro, acid, industrial, breakbeat, downtempo, and even jazz. Regardless of the style, he always infused his own unique touch, elevating the musical quality to new heights.

During those years, we would often hear Xavi perform his own new tracks live at shows, showcasing the diverse range of his creativity. This versatility allowed him to explore various styles without limiting himself to a specific genre. The wellspring of his musical vocation was so vast that his creativity naturally flowed towards different styles at different times.

Industrial Complexx reissues this album, which was originally released by NXT Recordings, with the aim of reliving some of those incredible moments that Xavi offered us. This exclusive release features his pieces created around 1996 and 1997, where the artist incorporates a wide variety of field recordings, works that he signed as Ivax Soyaf and that never got published.


Released: July 12, 2023
1. At The Room
2. Elektronicam 9-00 am
3. 0001 8-Audio
4. Darkness Ambience
5. Distorted Reality
6. Echopark
7. Tronica32
8. Enicamditorted reality
9. Enicam-loco motion ultramax
10. Shako 1 mix
11. Migracions 2
12. Psysensor


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