Faith Disciplines / Subsist has discovered a new talent who calls herself Nictofilia. We know little about this artist, only that the alias she uses expresses that she has a passion for darkness and for the mysteries that the night reveals, and also that her way of working is artisanal, with instruments created by herself and treated in situ with a series of pedals and effects.

Óxido Ferroso represents the oxidation of the human being as a species. The deterioration of life and the planet is both a natural cause and a reaction to our way of life or our self-centredness. Our molecular structure undergoes drastic and irreparable changes caused by our own thermodynamic process.

The album opens with Aleación Ferromagnética, a track whose sound is reminiscent of early industrial music, electroacoustic and sound art. Nictofilia manages to evoke these compositions by demonstrating his virtue for generating a sonic environment with rudimentary gadgets and instruments that he adapts with different sources and materials. In its Lo-fi physiognomy we can appreciate that it preserves the balance between the primary process and its later treatment. Lamento Férreo is a completely different cut from the previous one, its nature is electrifying, with several tones full of harmonics that first modulate discreetly and as a single body, and then hatch freely as autonomous, each one manoeuvring on its own while an intimidating discourse sounds. Mother closes side A with a deep and thick atmosphere, with a latent rhythm that increases the mystery of its aura and with a throbbing voice that claims Mother.

Óxido Ferroso opens side B with Fe, a track in which Nictofilia sonically describes iron as a resistant and corrosive chemical element, therefore, their way of interpreting it couldn’t be more accurate in developing a musical landscape lacking in brightness, with a multitude of corroded metallic textures that intermingle in a radioactive context and not suitable for the subsistence of any organism. Herrumbre details the process of wear and tear, from a completely natural state that is born from a beautiful and neat spot, which as time goes by is invaded by external particles, symbolised as the pain that each person suffers from these physical changes. Resilience closes the album by manifesting a new condition that takes over all the previous states, adapting itself to any situation, for this reason Nictofilia mixes delicacy, rawness, saturation and disorder in the same track.


Released June 8, 2021.


1. Aleación Ferromagnética
2. Lamento Ferreo
3. Madre
4. Fe
5. Herrumbe
6. Resilencia



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