VA – Assets (A-unit / B-unit) [Exiles]

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The Hungarian label Exiles welcomed the new year with a very interesting and very attractive proposal for all those lovers of deconstructive music, polyrhythms, complex structures and extreme sound designs. Assets is an album divided into two units that are differentiated according to their style or influences, as both releases try to identify themselves with quite specific terms but, undoubtedly, what they exhibit are a series of quite anarchic patterns, which do not respond to certain principles.

Each unit is composed of 8 tracks by different artists. Some of them have already released their music on Exiles, as is the case of 3HDSafxri, who last year signed an album on this label and another one on Subsist Records, as well as yokai kai, who also released an album on the Hungarian label last year. The rest of the authors are making their debut on Exiles, and many of them are releasing their music for the first time. However, although most of them are new artists, this does not affect the quality of the album, as the compositions are highly original and sophisticated.

A-unit focuses on a psychedelic and experimental sound aspect, with nods to IDM, to other demanding rhythmic genres such as jungle or break, and also to advanced and avant-garde electronic music. B-unit follows a similar path to the first part, however, its sound is intended to be darker, industrial and degraded.

Release date: January 3rd, 2022.


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