Various Artists – What We Do Is Secret [Applied Research]

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Applied Research is an underground American label specialized in mutant electronic sounds with dark vibes. It has already released works by ARP 220, Paul Villard, Terens K. and now presents a compilation called What We Do Is Secret.

Here we find sounds ranging from old-school electronics to minimal wave, and from acid and alien atmospheres to experimental soundscapes.

ARP 220 offers a moody and retro version of Cast 2 Space remixed by Terens K. informed by melodic minimal wave music with charming female vocals. Moken employs post-punk and steady rhythmic patterns in the sinister Arcadia, while Mr Negative returns to robotic minimal sounds inspired by early 80’s, but intermixed with some modern elements.

The compilation evolves with different styles, from the acid club number Funk, Nicotine, and Methanol composed by Polaroid, to house vibes from Calum Gunn’s Onics and Paul Villard’s techno obsession called Systems.

Go Nuclear employs proto sounds recalling the style of White Car in Hot Trax, Brice Kelly plays with hard kicks and electro mantras giving us A Holographic Me.

A compilation showcasing a series of artists dwelling in the underbelly of current experimental electronic sound. Sometime looking to the past, sometime to the future, they create their own narration informed by different styles and eras. Give it a listen!

Release date: June 11th, 2021.

Text by: Davide Pappalardo.


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