ABSIS & Uranio Empobrecido – Espai Indefinit [Loop Modulator]

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Loop Modulator is a new label born as a record division of NANO Modules, a Valencian company dedicated to the manufacture of modules that emerged a few years ago from the hands of Jorge Gutiérrez and Claudia Banaclocha. This company was born out of Jorge’s passion for music and electronics, the link between these two disciplines and the technology to make electronic music. In NANO Modules they opted from the beginning for the development of these devices because of the advantages generated by modular synthesizers. Most producers are currently looking for more flexibility to modify parameters, and the Eurorack allows them to achieve values that are difficult to achieve with other conventional synthesizers.

Its main responsible, Jorge Gutiérrez, in addition to taking care of Loop Modulator’s recording tasks, also embodies Uranio Empobrecido, his solo musical project with which this new sonic adventure is starting. Uranio Empobrecido has so far released a couple of albums on the Spanish label HC Records and the Spanish-Argentinean label Diffuse Reality, as well as participating in compilations for labels such as Soil Records.

Espai Indefinit is probably Jorge’s most ambitious work to date, firstly because it is the release that kicks off Loop Modulator and secondly because it is the first Uranio Empobrecido work to be released on vinyl, although it is shared with ABSIS, another emerging Spanish producer. The EP opens with Infinit, an original work by ABSIS, with a clean and crystalline sound, dominated by a rhythmic base to which harmonic details and electronic sounds are gradually added to connect and integrate the melody with the rhythm. The second cut of side A is a version of Uranio Empobrecido in which he adds different nuances to the rhythmic sequence and also adds an arpeggiated line that gives a more noticeable character to the melodic context.

Side B opens with Flashing Pulses, an original cut by Uranio Empobrecido in which several harmonic lines interact, each one of them originating from its own space, from a different point where they sprout to converge in a wide sound field with an enormous quality due to the author’s skill with modular synthesis. The second cut, and by way of a versus between both artists, is a remix of ABSIS in which the melodies are equalised with the rhythmic structure, thus granting a similar prominence to all the elements that make up the track.

Release date: October 3rd, 2022.


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