IOM – Happines and Sacrifice [SOIL Records]

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IOM is Iker Ormazabal’s solo project with which the London-based Basque artist develops an evolved sound, which he has been polishing for many years and from different sonic approaches. Iker applies to his productions an advanced design that fuses with terxtures pushed to the limit, complex rhythmic structures and also approaches noise with the degradation that extreme process incursions bring.

IOM’s style is ambivalent, any influence is susceptible to pass through his hands to later squeeze and twist until losing any identifying element. Although his modus operandi is based on an industrial environment, we can find links with other musical genres, as can be appreciated in this album in which the author delves into sophisticated landscapes, with different cadences and very diverse rhythmic systems.

Happiness and Sacrifice, besides being a very attractive album for all lovers of industrial and experimental electronic music, is also based on an audiovisual work by IOM himself in which he shows images of different historical moments and rituals, in which he questions the need to renounce personal gratification in order to obtain happiness, as well as serving as a criticism of the Catholic church by revealing the perversion of this way of thinking.

Release date: November 5th, 2022.


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