James Demon – Surfers On Acid [Clan Destine]

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Clan Destine released last March 20/20, a series of releases that has been published periodically every month this year since the first edition and that gathers tracks from different artists, experienced producers in different styles such as industrial techno, acid, breakcore or experimental sounds, without limitations or concessions to friendly musical environments.

In this eighth edition, dedicated this time to the cat, and continuing with the same line of the previous releases, reigns above all a hard and chaotic sound context. James Demon (head of The Occultists label) brings a dark techno track inspired by post punk. Unknown further intensifies the atmosphere with a quiet industrial techno in tempo but with a heartbreaking punch. Ceili goes one step higher and increases intensity and power. The tempo and sound structure of Bloodlust’s track follows a pattern quite similar to Ceili’s work. Enio Kosai and Mondel Arenov offer a hard and somewhat faster techno than the above, with a sound perfectly associated with the rave scene. Spiral Instinct closes the A side with a track with similar rhythmic attributes to the two previous cuts but with a low fidelity sound treatment.

With the B side everything seems to restart again to start with a softer tempo and go up BPMs with each cut, but in this second side speed and rawness take a much more ruthless and disproportionate character. Slime Coca is the one who opens with acid techno and a speed that enters into the standardization of dance music. Thrae already takes a different approach but still remains quite affordable techno. From the third cut the tempo shoots up, Agustin G offers a track with a marked punch but already with a fairly fast speed. But it seems that there is no limit and that everything can be more destructive and faster with the last four cuts by Hellcreator & Noth Bloodstorm, Noizefucker, Nihil Fist and Skat Injector.

Release date: October 20th, 2020.


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