Lamusa II – Sulfereo [HVNX]

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When Giampaolo Scapigliati was a kid he liked to explore the hidden abandoned places in the outskirts of his hometown, Viterbo. Especially those natural pools in the middle of nowhere that attract tourists for their sulfurous healing water, not welcoming smell and obscure plants. What he cherished the most, though, was its fascinating aura, one that can only emanate from an immortal ancient site. This kind of mysterious mood is what inspires “Sulfureo”, his second album as Lamusa II.

Along its eleven cuts, Giampaolo experiments with wet percussive sounds, drum machines, synthdrums, echos and analog and digital synthesisers programmed with sequencers and midi devices that, in his own words, “created different paths when crossing on each other”. In contrast to all of this synchronization, he also experiments with guitars and bass, using a live “free approach” reminiscent of krautrock and new wave obscurities.

Lamusa II launches ‘Sulfureo’ on Hivern Discs sub-label HVNX.

Release date: March 29th, 2019.


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