Lex-Or – Incierto [Fill-Lex Records]

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Fill-Lex Records faithfully demonstrates Lex-Or’s ambition to design a project based on their musical tastes and concerns. The label revolves around a sound that incorporates nuances and elements mainly from EBM but, always reinforced with the robustness of techno, with notable allusions to the dance floor but also to less hostile environments and absent of the forcefulness that usually brings the kick.

Lex-Or returns to Fill-Lex Records with their first solo album, songs that mark the end of a stage. The album is made up of two parts: Futuro, songs composed between 2019-2020 a critical look at an end that sends us every day to deal with our own fears and insecurities. It is not dance music, it is music from the entrails.

Past, songs composed in a previous period, from a live in his studio in 2014 with the song Brain Landscapes, to some tracks that go from 2015-18, being closer to the dance floor and its more rhythmic patterns, becoming a dark and decadent techno.

Release date: October 10th, 2020.


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