Reeko – Dualidad [Mental disorder]

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There are many experts who say that among the many qualities of Reeko one is the sound perfection of his work, his great ability to treat every tiny detail and give it the importance and consideration it deserves. Few artists have a sound as perfect as that of Juan Rico. He has been demonstrating it for years in his techno productions as Reeko and as Architectural, but in our opinion, it is with these experimental releases that he has earned his doctorate. Recently we saw him in Sei Tracce In Nero, EP published jointly with Group en 30D Eyes Have It, a subsidiary of 30D Records managed by Angel Molina.

In this EP we could already verify that the range of experimental music is very wide for Reeko, and this deduction can be extracted only with these 3 tracks, but it is now with this full-lenght when he corroborates his enormous range to create experimental material.

Dualidad is a 13-track album and one bonus track, with a concept based on opposition and contrariness, on the sum of two opposite sides such as the placidity and beauty of the chords and musicality, and the noise or sound devoid of harmonic qualities. Sonorously, it is an album that exalts Reeko and that goes beyond the everyday, let’s say it is an exploration that compiles sound material that can be perfectly generated in any part of the universe.

Unlike other experimental works by Reeko, this new album is devoid of rhythm. Its nature is completely atmospheric, although we can appreciate cyclic sounds, cells with a repeated movement and, physically, of exact parameters, sounds that show, or that imitate, an intrusion of inorganic matter from outside our planet, which is later mixed with textures with which humanity feels famirialized.

Release date: November 27th, 2020.


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