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Oráculo Records is the platform that was at the head of Ombra, a festival that has been consolidated with its second edition as one of the most important events of the industrial scene both for its line up, with artists like Kris Baha, Marsman, Fatamorgana, DAF, Years Of Denial, Ron Morelli or Trevor Jackson, and for its extraordinary atmosphere and organization. Industrial Complexx witnessed this great deployment of means and the formality of those responsible for organizing a large and yet familiar festival.

2019 ended in full swing for Oráculo Records, but 2020 starts strong for the Catalan label too, with the simultaneous release of four EPs, nothing unusual for the platform because it is a fairly common modus operandi, as they usually release different releases in parallel on the same day or on fairly close dates.

This same January 7th, Oracle Records released 4 new releases, all of them in vinyl format and with a very identifiable line of the label. Modern Anguish is an EP by the Americans Visceral Anatomy, a duo formed by Vincent Segretario and Hannah Avalon. Energetic industrial techno with 4 very different cuts that fit perfectly into this style. The element that unites these four interpretations is Hannah’s dark voice, the rest of the textures and sounds vary in intensity and timbre.

Detecting Movement is another of the four releases signed by Oráculo this Tuesday, a work that is awarded to Chrome Corpse, another project with American roots (Seattle) formed by Anton Hirnstrum as vocalist, by Michael F who is in charge of the sequencing, synthesizers and chorus, and by Jimmy Shogun who is the drummer and guitarist. The sound of this release is wide but it is mainly associated to EBM, and if there is something we can highlight from this great work it is its respect and fidelity to the most primary sound of this genre.

The Berlin-based duo NNHMN (NonHuman) stars in one of these four releases with Shadow In The Dark, a reference with a style more oriented towards darkwave with a special presence of female voice and bass lines that prevail over the rest.

The fourth EP that saw the light yesterday was the third chapter of Aleatory Chaos. This serie of releases includes works by several artists and its style is limited to genres such as synthpop or gothic rock. In this release, the tracks are by Xymox, with an unreleased version from 1984, Vacant Stares, Oby Wolf and Abu Nein.

Release date: January 7th, 2019.


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