Squaric – Le prolétariat comme sujet et comme representation [Diffuse Reality]

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Diffuse Reality maintains a very personal style. When a project is identified by a specific element, it is because its formula is conservative and basic for its activity, an ideal that strengthens the proposal with its own sound and above all recognizable, a foundation that is missing in most artists and record companies.

Squaric is the one who, apart from leading the label, lays the foundations with which the record company must represent itself, its commitment to industrial and corrosive techno is evident in many of the platform’s releases. However, Diffuse Reality is not only cerebral techno, there is room for different adaptations and nuances, as long as it rewards an originality that corresponds to the label’s philosophy.

This most extreme genre of techno is integrated again with an album by Squaric, a suggestive reference that has five original tracks and five interesting versions by Marcelus, Makaton, Paul Birken, Perm and Voidloss.

Listen to the preview “Le prolétariat comme sujet et comme représentation”, the fourth track on the album.

Release date: March 5th, 2020.


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