St Theodore – Metallo [Soil Records]

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With hardly any time to react and assimilate the latest released by Soil Records, the platform captained by SOJ presents again a new EP in vinyl format. It continues with its second anniversary campaign in the best way that a record label can do it, showing its great potential with great releases and with a rhythm difficult to assume for most similar projects, since this same month of June it has published the second anniversary album, the Filmmaker’s EP and, recently it has announced a Namesis release and a second volume of Valley Of Tears for next July. This series of releases is quite recent, it was released last April and so far, what it shows us is that it is what the label calls the releases of several artists published on vinyl.

Soil Records counts again with Years of Denial, the previous time they were one of the 4 projects that remixed one of the four tracks of Body Shaper, but this time, Jerome Tcherneyan and Barkosina Hanusova debut with a track of their own. Girl With Broken Head opens this EP with an intense sound of dominant low frequencies and with the characteristic voice of Barkosina. Metallo is the second track on the A side, St Theodore brings more dynamics to this release with a techno where the harmonic part takes the continuous form of arpeggio. Djedjotronic closes this first side with NOD, contemporary EBM that intersperses close-ups between the bass line and the melody of the pad.

Velvet May opens the B-side with Lips Of Lusting Fury, a track with an invariable melodic pattern in terms of tonality but, rich in nuances with its constant modulations, to which we must also add voices from beyond the grave and more synthetic resources. SOJ himself closes the EP with Fleshing Out, a great track with a penetrating sound and with a great collaboration of HIV+, who is in charge of providing an apocalyptic touch with his voice.

Release date: July 22th, 2020.


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