Tourment – Zone Chaude [Montreal Dances Across Borders]

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Montreal Dances Across Borders is a new label that was born with a first quite interesting proposal, both for its sound offer and for the purpose of this first release. Montreal Dances Across Borders Vol.1 is an album that brings together several authors who are native to the Canadian city to which the name of the same label alludes, artists who move around the Montreal underground scene or who directly have an international name, such as Police Des Moeurs and Xarah Dion.

The intentions of this project are based on principles of inclusion and solidarity. The album can be purchased free of charge, but anyone who wishes to do so can donate to Solidarity without Borders ), a migrant justice network that has been active in Montreal since 2003, and which needs support more than ever in these difficult times.

Musically, the content of the album is diverse, but it is always in a rather alternative soundtrack. CMD opens with a syncopated rhythm electro. Then we change the stage with Police Des Moeurs‘ synthwave to techno beat. Tourment also resorts to techno but with a powerful industrial bass line. ottoman.grüw opts for a more forceful stage with fast and robotic acid techno. Ossifer opts for dynamic techno. FXBIP exhibits a mixture of electro, acid and breaks with a rather fast rhythm. The electronic style of Honeydrip is close to IDM. Aquaventure chooses a more volatile electronics with a fast and marked rhythm. Sprælle also opts for high bpms electronics but with more percussive and harmonic content. Xarah Dion closes the album with a solemn touch between the voice and its musical context.

Release date: September 18th, 2020.


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