VA – Underground Acid [Acid Boiler Coalition]

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Underground Acid is a 4 track Compilation, the first release, vinyl and digital for Acid Boiler Coalition, new label for acid techno tunes. it includes tracks with a more hypnotic approach like Akuaryo‘s “Acid Hell” and Ayako Mori‘s “Acid Gradation”,  a more industrial and experimental approach like Edo Messina “rebellion to tyrants is disobedience to god” and more 90’ies style like Lady Maru‘s “acid carpet”, it will be followed by remixes of some other producers with different acid views: confirmed Euyinn, dj Wank, Ricky Cross, Bb Deng, Vnkraut. The label aims to develop a  research of the genre including darktechno, industrial techno and EBM features.


Dame Area – La Soluzione É Una [B.F.E. Records & Magia Roja]

Dadub – A Sun Called Moon [Ohm Resistance]


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