Wanderwerkstatt – The Sky Was Definetely Blue [Toksynna]

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Toksynna presents itself as a record label releasing its first two references simultaneously, and although the two releases can be classified as experimental electronics, they are quite far apart, nothing to do with the radioactive and volatile environment of Kick & Cut, by Tester, with this first album by Wanderwerkstatt, new alias of the Italian producer AM.MA.

Tester’s creativity is based on true electronic sound, which has more to do with algorithms than with musicality itself, whereas Wanderwerkstatt is a sum of both concepts, that of elaborate, electronic sounds, and that of harmonic meaning, since the artist perfectly combines both terms.

Satanic Majesties Response is an album with a versatile sound, with a style difficult to define with just a few words. We could do it in many ways, emulating Gustav Holst’s planets, with worlds totally different from each other, we could do it in reference to the wide sense that life has, with soundtracks created for each moment, or simply admit that this album is not conceptual and that its author is capable of taking very different influences in his creative process. The conclusion is that it is a 10-track album in which originality prevails above all.

Release date: December 28th, 2020.


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