Gianluca Becuzzi – In Between [St.An.Da.]

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Italian Artist Gianluca Becuzzi is one of the hidden names of industrial scene. Once a member of Limbo and Pankow, the artist has been making music as a solo act and in collaboration with other musicians like Massimo Olla, Daniele Santagiuliana, Andrea Bellucci, Deison and Adriano Zanni exploring the world of drone, ambient and electro-acoustic styles for years.

His last work In Between is a ritualistic affair uniting the figures of the artist, the shaman, and the witch in order to transcend and overcome the daily world, reaching higher realities and entities. An Elsewhere that resides in a dreamlike, unconscious memory, but which has a very physical and materialistic essence due to the nature of the music and evocation passing through sound, voice and dance.

Across The Mirror showcases mantras reached by epic distortions and dramatic baritones. Shamanic voices complete the scene in a theatrical setting.

Diary Of The Abyss follows suit with its hypnotizing rhythms and crawling movements, conjuring a modern ritual for post-modern tribes. Bursts of distortion offer majestic atmospheres full of power, while sudden changes of peace employs industrial elements to great effect.

Art As Relic is a game of restraint and release, a suspended atmosphere ready to implode into crushing riffs before giving up to subtle rhythmic patterns. A communion of chaos and evocation, perfectly crafted via droning guitars and percussions.

The Witch is a 30 minutes journey into field-recordings and ominous disturbances, a mantra picturing an ancient world dominated by atavistic instinct and at the same time the modern sound of never-stopping factories. During the course of the track we find frenzied dances and monolithic passages, as well as crawling tensions full of mystery.

In Between is a work true to its name, existing in a sonic dimension between realities and concepts, a voyage of the mind waiting for curious listeners. A solitary listening session among the shadows is highly recommended.

Release date: August 31st, 2020.

Text: Davide Pappalardo


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