Jauzas The Shining – Synthèse (FSQ remix) [Diffuse Reality]

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Jauzas The Shining stars in the new release of Diffuse Reality with a solo album in which the French producer exposes his particular vision of electro, a style that is beginning to have more and more weight in the Spanish-Argentinean label, and that adds to the growing progression and evolution of the platform in which it includes a more extensive range of genres that covers much more than the aggressive sound that so represented this project in its first stage.

Jauzas The Shining recently collaborated on Diffuse Reality with a remix of one of the tracks from Meltphace’s album. Now, it is the Frenchman who takes the lead role with a reference that includes 5 original tracks and 3 different remixes of Synthèse by Daniele Paduano, Lenson & FSQ.

From Industrial Complexx we give you a preview of one of these versions, you can already listen to the whole track that closes this album.

Release date: February 1st, 2020.


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