Pulsum – Demonic Nature, Depressive Misery [Montreal Dances Across Borders]

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Last Saturday marked the one-year anniversary of the release of the first album by the Canadian label Montreal Dances Across Borders. This platform was born with the intention of collaborating directly with Solidarity Across Borders, an organisation that helps and integrates migrants. All the profits from sales go to this association, therefore, the vocation of this project is twofold, as in addition to helping Montreal Dances Across Borders financially, it also aims to promote the artists of this city and show that there is a quality and diverse music scene.

In this second release, the label has worked with another 10 artists from Montreal, and as with the previous album, each artist has had total freedom to create a piece in accordance with their musical line, and not with a homogeneous result in mind. We are therefore faced with a release that is impossible to define in one or a few words.

Montreal Dances Across Borders Vol.2 mixes different styles. HRT opts for accelerated electro-techno, Le Service Humain’s track can be categorised as industrial and AN_NA‘s as a hypnotic vocal techno delight. Pulsum adopts an acid character, s.talbot goes for Detroit influences, Human Jungle and K-10 for old-school electro. Inside Blur‘s punchy techno pairs perfectly with the electronica of Remote Acces and the melodic techno beauty of DBY.

Release date: September 28th, 2021.


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