InhuM’AwZ – SadNess [Syntax Electronix]

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From the very beginning, Syntax made it clear in its staging that its bet on its clubbing activity was going to be special, that it was going to take care of both the image and the line-up and, of course, that its style was going to be broad and very elusive with everything that represents the conventional scene. This philosophy was taken a couple of months ago to their new recording activity with a first album that already showed all that musical diversity from which they are nourished, with 6 tracks that determined their favoritism by genres such as industrial and electro.

Two months have gone by and the platform announces again a new release with a similar approach regarding the combination of international artists with local artists, a bit more extensive in terms of number of tracks but, this time the style is more balanced and directed to a single genre such as electro.

InhuM’AwZ opens the album with a track that is slightly detached from electro and is perfect for introducing the listener to the robotic theme that this genre offers, as this mix of electronica and downtempo is also enriched with technological textures. Curve chooses to include an acid line in a structure that is completely unique to electro. Slokto continues with the same direction of the release but gives it much more robustness and pressure than to the rest of the tracks. Scape One selects a sound that identifies it perfectly. Garçon Taupe‘s track takes us to a more primary stage, with a melodic preset that is not at all old-fashioned due to the sound agility of its treatment and modulation. The constant and forceful break of Fleck ESC ‘s track is strengthened by a cosmic harmonic structure and an acidic bass that appears by surprise several times. Kör Boira proposes a more dynamic tone with a track in which the rhythm is sharpened by the combination of percussion, acid arpeggios and voices. Pip Williams closes this album with a more direct electro with techno influences and superb bass.

Release date: July 20th, 2020


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