Equations Collective – Equations Collective x Lena Platonos x Rabih Beaini [99CHANTS]

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The Italian label 99CHANTS released last summer Helicon Sessions, an album created from a temporary outdoor recording studio, 1130 metres above sea level, on the slopes of Mount Helicon in Greece. This release was published by Equations Collective, a multidisciplinary project of artists, who besides working with experimental sounds are also active in other artistic fields such as photography, sound design & software development.

Equations Collective reappears again to sign a new album featuring one of its members, Yiorgos Konstantoulakis, as well as Lebanese-born producer and DJ Rabih Beaini (Morphine) aka Morphosis and pioneering Greek electronic artist Lena Platonos. Equations Collective x Lena Platonos x Rabih Beaini are two remixes that rework the original Helicon Sessions tracks, two reinterpretations oriented around the ideas of reconstruction/deconstruction.

Lena Platonos x Yiorgos Konstantoulakis’ Side A ‘reconstruction’ of ‘The Helicon Sessions’ explores tense sonic atmospheres and incorporates subtle, kinetic drum machine susurration from Konstantoulakis, providing a setting for Platonos’ Greek language spoken word poetry. On Side B, Beaini’s ‘deconstruction’ of the sessions dives into percussive electronics inspired by specific rituals in West Java. Performed on an 808 and outboard gear, the track gradually builds to a full-bodied crescendo before introducing understated washes of melodic colour.

Release date: May 13th, 2022.


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