Finalversion3 – CPU Dialogue [Gordo Trax]

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Gordo is a Spanish project with a rather unique weekly proposal in which it rewards musical quality as opposed to the popularity of the artist.  Every Friday, at the Latex club in Valencia, Gordo proposes an event in which the attendees do not know which artist will be the guest that night and which genre of electronic music they will listen to. This proposal is accompanied, in addition to the anonymity of the guest artist, by other measures of secrecy that we have already seen in other clubs, although more than secrecy it is a return to the origins, to those times when everything that happened on the dance floor stayed there, remembered with words and never with photographic images or videos.

At first, this philosophy was also brought by Gordo to his recording project. In his first two releases, there were anonymous artists and remixers, the main idea was not to give any kind of prominence to any artist, just to prevail his music, but this formula has been altered recently and from now on the label rectifies and includes the name of each author in their releases. For this reason, we know the authorship of the first two EPs of Gordo Trax, and of a third one that will be published soon. 

Favsto was the one who inaugurated Gordo Trax with that first release and, he has also been the first of the three responsibilities of the label to contribute with his music to the project.  Now, another of the platform’s managers has taken the initiative and signed the third reference. Finalversion3 publishes ‘Human CPU’, a sound reflection on the future of the human species based on a dystopian future and the interaction of human beings with machines.

CPU Dialogue opens the EP with a clear allusion to the exchange of information between machines and humans. In this case, it is the machine that dominates the flow of information in the face of human powerlessness. Penetrating Techno, with a powerful presence in the sub-bass range and with continuous robotic phrasing. Sound transmutes to a more organic environment with a process of fusion between mechanical systems and multi-cellular organisms.  Artificial Miscegenation continues to rely on robotic textures but within a more humanized context. With Irrevocably Human the transformation is concluded, the evolution is variable, as reflected in the most significant element of this track, a constant glissando of a 3 semitone interval in which different textures appear or fade away, as well as continuously changing intensity. As in the two previous releases, this third one also has 3 original tracks and a remix, which in this case is by H.Paul. The Spanish producer maintains a similar line, in his CPU Dialogue version continues with robotic sounds but hardens the whole environment with a more forceful punch.

Release date: May 12th, 2020.


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