RA-X – Catalogue [New York Haunted]

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Creativity is not usually linked to the quality of the instruments, nowadays everything is easier because there are machines that make any task easier for us, above all it makes it easier for us to have easier reach of specific sounds. But what can we do when we are limited and deprived of what is essential to create music in conditions? The answer lies in ingenuity.

The Dutch producer RA-X didn’t need a studio to create his first works, in the 90’s he started with a rather small team in which he had an economic Casio to create banks of tones, a Boss-DR 550 for the rhythm, and a Yamaha CS-30. This was all the arsenal he had at his disposal to create his repertoire, a collection from which he now retrieves tracks he  recorded and which he compiles into four albums.

Over the years, Vincent Koreman acquired more machines but remained faithful to a style of elaborate electronic music. Yesterday, May 5th, the Dutch label New York Haunted released these four albums in which they show the great skill of RA-X to create advanced music with minimal elements.

Alien Walkman Musik (1993), The Bunker Years (1994​-​1996), Angelmaker (2000​-​2005) and Angelmaker & Beyond are the four albums.


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