Statiqbloom – Beneath The Whelm [Metropolis]

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Initially a solo project from Fade Kainer, Statiqbloom has become a duo with the addition of Denman C. Anderson in 2016. The American outfit dwells in post-industrial sounds with roots in oldschool electro-industrial, but it has a modern take and an evolving nature has shown in any output of theirs.

Beneath The Whelm is their last effort, a 9-track album exploring a dark sound informed by noise, industrial, EBM, and some modern techo-leanings. The style is minimal but powerful and rich in solution, often following a crawling and evocative structure full of darkness.

After the intro Playing Its Blades and its eerie sounds with an evocative nature, we find the first proper track Alcestis and a sound with a rhythmic obsession upon which pounding elements are layered. The result is a mechanical mantra enriched by a whispering voice ready to explode in harsh outbursts.

Restless has more of a club motif, but it doesn’t forfeit creepy effects and marching rhythmic loops. Coarse vocals and melancholic melodies complete a beautifully crafted episode. The Second Coming sees the presence of Atilla Csihar of Aborym and Mayhem’s fame, and his malevolent vocal style perfectly fits the ominous and stalking track characterized by sparse sounds and sharp elements.

Black Lava is a monolith made of hard kicks and dissonant synth, another fine example of the grave and militant sound of Statiqbloom, sporting riffing distortions and pauses made of cathartic atmospheres. Still Here has a dark crescendo which employes emotional releases during its slow evolution. A ritualistic track showcasing effective electro sounds during its second half.

Beneath The Whelm is maybe the album in which Statiqbloom really find a sound of their own. Not that the previous works where without merits or identity, but the shadow of Skinny Puppy and other acts was often not very far. Here they integrate their influences with a stripped-down and to-the-point style giving space to hypnotizing rhythms and menacing atmospheres. A smut for any fan of dark industrial music.

Release date: July 10th, 2020.

Text: Davide Pappalardo


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