Yuega – Untitled II [Not On Label]

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Yuega is the project of Italian artist Nicolò Stefanelli characterized by groovy loops, eerie atmospheres, old-school structures and alienating passages. His music works as an updated version of 80’s experimentation, here modern paranoia and alternative club innuendos meet the roots of techno and electro-industrial.

His first EP Untitled showcased vintage synth sounds, steady rhythms and pulsating lines in in a land between genres and classifications, and now Untitled II follows this path with more retro-futuristic episodes and minimal structures.

Dolore starts our journey with its late-night club atmospheres rich in groove and steady rhythms with obsessive kick drums, while Green Zone is an urban affair with claps and acid ambiances underlined by bass sounds and distorted effects.

Nineties is true to its name, a retro pastiche with broken rhythmic structures and cosmic innuendos, Crowd on the Streets a rhythmic affair with vintage synth sounds and minimal midi takes on electronic music. The final track Waterfall could be considered a tribute to 90’s IDM/ambient music due to its eerie synths and the usual minimal rhythmic structures.

Yuega has his own style and it shows in this new effort, a skeletal take on old-school electronics in which rhythm and ambiance are the main themes for hypnotizing moments. Recommended.

Release date: July 20th, 2020.

Text: Davide Pappalardo


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