– Deep Level [Duna]

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Simone Scardino started a new artistic stage in the middle of the pandemic in which from CONCEPTUAL, his solo musical project, he develops a very personal style based mainly on techno and a technological, futuristic sound with a great structural design. Taking into account this artistic attitude of Simone in his new sound adventure, we must also think that Duna, the label he officially opens in a few days, will be oriented towards a musical line similar to the advanced techno sound.

Duna, as its name suggests, refers to the sand formations caused by the wind. The beauty and perfection of these natural sculptures is due to various physical patterns, phenomena such as wavelength or degradation, which are perfectly applicable to the sound of a recording project like this.

Desert Flowers is Duna’s first formal release. Previously Simone himself released a track on the label, however, the strong bet comes with a double LP with the collaboration of an interesting cast of producers such as Mike Parker, D-Leria, Pigreko, Stanislav Tolkachev, Danilenko, Sciahri, Retina.It, Ribé, Desroi and CONCEPTUAL himself. Although the style of each track is unique to each author, together they identify the musical line of the label with an avant-garde sound concept.

Release date: January 9th, 2023.


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