Parameter1 – EnE!!!2 [SiK6records]

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Parameter1 opens the SiK6records inventory with a first work that places this new label in a sound line equidistant between advanced electronics and sound art. Mic, apart from being this artist’s debut, is also a 6-track reference with a musical formula far removed from conventions, in which the author challenges any established pattern that delimits a particular style or genre.

The album goes into the depths of a diffuse sound universe, where the dimensions are constantly changing. With AprL3, cut that opens the release, the reflection and the distance of each element generates that indistinctly can be perceived from different points and heights. Int bLp is a track with a cadenced and light rhythm in which the minimalism of its components is intertwined with the abstract condition of the throw. With FrYdAY13th, Parameter1 mixes both formulas, adding to a minuscule rhythm that gains dynamics with random scratch cuts, the depth provided by the extensive tails that are reflected and also introduces disturbing voices.

AprL6 explores the sound generated from the abyss. Following the same tone as in the previous tracks, it once again highlights the low frequencies with scattered notes that merge with percussive details or noises, emerging from nowhere to leave long traces of its passage. EnE!!2 is marked by a constant and paused rhythm that does not cease despite the small bombardments it receives. MaY2, Mic’s sixth and last cut, is fed by sound fluids emanating from a vast cavity covered by a thin electromagnetic layer.

Release date: November 18th, 2020.


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